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Our Philosophy

Architecture always looks upon similar challenges to respond to functional needs, to manage space, atmosphere, to surprise, to seduce, to sell, to convince, to provoke, to last.

Manuel Serrano Arquitectos  responds to these challenges managing space, light and atmosphere by keeping balance between form and expression; Bearing in mind the idea of performance of every project, Manuel Serrano Arquitectos faces the future shaping complexity with plain and natural simplicity.

About this ideas…


Escrito, académico de la RAE

“The invention and the shaping of spaces, as of things, has a double virtue or resonance: it is a practical work, as buildings are made to live in and things are built to obtain certain utility from them and; but it is also a radically symbolic activity. I am a simple enthusiast of the shape of things but also of the shape of buildings, and I have observed, that probably in the last few decades there has been an imbalance between practical and symbolic architectural and the design activities: either the practical dimension has taken absolute priority (…) os this practical dimension has been totally sacrificed in favour of symbolic interests. What I like about Manuel Serrano’s work is the feeling of balance between practical utility and meaning, an elegance that joins strength and delicacy simultaneously in space and time.”


Fotógrafo, Premio Nacional de Fotografía

“Density and transparency: two essential ideas to consider Manuel Serrano’s work. I preceive its architecture an as space to develope plastic tensions, in which functional or structural complexity is implicit, absorbed, and it exists as a conceptual and physical driving force that gives meaning to its work (…) Thanks to his ability to go beyond the reality of things we can recover the mythical and archetypical dimension of architecture, through Manuel Serrano’s work.”


Arquitecto, presidente della Associazione Italiana Storici del Design

“From that first project, it was already possible to see the way Serrano, architect, was approaching design, understanding it as a projection based in the rationally of the constructive procedure. A distant approach to those so in vogue at that period, divided in production of forms, as a machine metaphor, and those that Valery named “superstizione del nuevo”.”


Escritor, director de la Biblioteca Nacional 2001-2004

“Will always agree with the use of functional elements to create spaces and shapes that encourage fantasy.”


Ensayista, crítico y catedrático de Historia del Arte

“(…) [Manuel Serrano’s] buildings (…) can become something else and because of this, it is not clear that the architectonic language is connected to the specific functions of each of them (…) [His work] is beyond this debate and it settles the shape problem and the purpose expression in a paradoxical way: subverting the expectations and reinventing a way of symbolic absorption of architecture, closer to the mass media nature than to any or the “serious” traditions of the (wrongly) so-called high culture.”